Faces - Project "Edge"

Project Edge takes this a step further I have designed a specific light modifier to create a very edgy light on the subject and using a very edgy editing style, to create a very Raw and Edgy image. Most people come to a portrait session to look all pretty and put on the smile and project their exterior beauty.I have set out upon the public to let them do the work in terms of bringing their personality to the surface in a 5 minute portrait session letting them be whoever they are without having to project merely their exterior beauty.The final result in these images may not “Appear” beautiful to some so therefore as a viewer you must look deeper into the image to discover that beauty. Humans are unique both mentally and physically.I think people from all walks of life truly just want to be themselves, yet get defined by their lifestyle, job, etc. This is an opportunity to get an image taken that reflects possibly who they really are or wanna be :)

67 volunteer subjects shot in less than 3 weeks – 28 of which were men and 37 women.The success of this proves a couple things The very power of Social Media i.e. Facebook, as that was the primary tool used to drive the project. Also the power of Art, people from all walks are affected by art and this shows the desire to be a part of a public art project.

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